It is nice to be asked

Recently I received an e-mail from a local art gallery that was updating its subscriber list.  They sent me a brief e-mail letting me know that they were moving their e-mail list over to a new host and, due to its strict anti-spam policies, they asked that I confirm my desire to subscribe and receive periodic e-mails from them.  All I needed to do was click on an embedded URL to verify my subscription.  If I chose not to subscribe, I had to do nothing.  Ignoring this request would result in my deletion from their e-mail list.

This was a great e-mail, because it …

  1. was short and to the point
  2. made it extremely easy for me to re-subscribe by including the URL in the e-mail
  3. followed best practices by asking for me to opt-in (it is best practices to ask consumers to opt-in but for businesses, it is more common to ask them to opt-out)

Consider asking consumers to opt-in.  The quantity of e-mail addresses in your subscription list will diminish but your list will be the better for it.  Only those engaged and interested in your products and services will remain. 


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